Health & Fitness

Recently I put on my favorite pair of jeans and they were a bit too tight. So, I joined a gym and have a meeting with a personal trainer today. I’m excited and nervous to start this journey of weight loss. I figured why not write about what I am doing so that maybe I can inspire or encourage someone to do the same. I have Multiple Sclerosis and some days my legs hurt so bad and my feet feel like they’re on fire most days. That said, I need to get stronger than I am now so that I can try to stay out of the doctors office as much as I can. I like my doctor and they’re great but I don’t like seeing them all the time. I put on a lot of weight this past year. After the passing of my father, I stopped taking care of myself and got very depressed. I have isolated myself to the point where I have very little friends left weight-loss-exercise-plan_Fotorin the world. I guess that was another motivation to start this blog. If I write the truth of what I am experiencing, maybe just maybe I can meet people through this and maybe not, but I am trying. My closest friend (who I thought was my best friend) recently told me that she had “given up on me” and hearing those words hurt. She lives in another state and I only get the opportunity to see her twice a year and with her in town now, I was hoping to spend some time with her but thus far, I’ve seen her once and didn’t get to talk to her. I feel as though she was sorta right to give up and I am sure that she is not the only friend who feels like that toward me. So, I have decided that I need to focus on me.

  1. 1. activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness.
    “exercise improves your heart and lung power”
    synonyms: physical activity, a workout, working out; More

  2. 2. the use or application of a faculty, right, or process.
    “the free exercise of religion”
    synonyms: useutilizationemploymentMore

 1. use or apply (a faculty, right, or process).
  1. “control is exercised by the Board”
    synonyms: useemploy, make use of, utilizeMore

  2. 2. engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness; take exercise.
    “she still exercised every day”
    synonyms: work out, do exercises, train;

    informalpump iron
    “she exercised every day”

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