Progress not Perfection

I weighed myself yesterday at the gym before my swim class and FINALLY have lost a few pounds. My weight is now at 161!! It’s still higher than I would like so I am sticking to the program that I have been doing. So I’m working on making my body physically better. Today there is a conference for AlAnon and I am planning on attending. I actually wish I was already there because there was a meeting right NOW for children of alcoholics. Last night I went to a meeting and I found myself being extremely judgmental toward one member specifically. I grew up with an alcoholic family. There’s a few perfectionists, loads of judgement and not enough acceptance and love. So today, I choose to work on the mental part of my body. My sponsor is finally home and I missed her terribly and can not wait to see her so we can get back to work on the steps. Right now, I am on Step 4: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. I am attempting to make it for the next group of meetings at 10:30 or 11:45. Its a long ride alone and I will have a lot of time to think about my AlAnon program

AS WE BEGIN to consider the questions below, we need to remember to keep it simple and pray for guidance and courage. The following are not all-inclusive, but rather point to a beginning.

  • Am I willing to look honestly at myself? What stands in my way?
  • Have I sought help from my Higher Power, my sponsor or other AlAnon members?
  • What suggestions have I tried to see if they might work?
  • Do I understand the spiritual principle of the inventory?
  • What do “searching” and “fearless” mean to me?
  • What does “moral inventory” mean?

AN INVENTORY is not just our faults; we must also assess our positive traits and accomplishments. If we are stymied by this task it can be useful to think about qualities we like in others and whether we may possess the same trait.

  • In what ways am I caring? How do I empathize with other people? Am I kind to myself? Am I kind to the elderly? Children? My family? My friends? Those in need of y assistance? Am I agreeable and courteous?
  • How am I tolerant?
  • Am I open to another’ point of view?
  • Do I listen in meetings and accept that others have needs different from mine?
  • Do I practice patience with a newcomer?
  • How am I trustworthy? Do I pay my bills? Am I prompt? Do I fulfill my commitments? Do I act responsible in my job? How much can my family and friends depend on me?
  • How am I honest? Do I tell the whole truth? If not, what stops me from telling the truth?
  • In what ways do I take care of myself? DO I make needed medical appointments? Do I dress appropriately? Do I eat healthy foods? Exercise? Meditate?
  • How am I generous? Do I contribute to my group? To the World Service Office quarterly appeal? Have I contributed by volunteering to be a trusted servant?
  • In what ways do I look for the good in others?
  • How am I kind? Am I considerate of other people? Do I listen patiently to a friend in need? Do I offer help when asked? Do I think to point out the good in others?
  • How do I open myself up to others?

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