AlAnon Morning

I am a proud member of AlAnon. Those who do not know what this is – in basic terms, I love an Alcoholic. The Alcoholic in my story happens to be my father. Sadly, he passed away late last February or early March. When he actually passed is a story of its own; and another time I will get there. Back to me… I try to start every day by reading the AlAnon literature and composing my thoughts on the subjects while also working the 12 Steps in the same way that they do in AA. This morning I read about self-care. It’s embarrassing that before my dad passed away, I spent 75% of my time with him, he was my dad but he was also my best friend in the world. When he started drinking, he thought he could control it, and sadly, that was not the case. When he drank, I thought I could manipulate him to stop and sadly, I don’t have the power to change anyone except myself.

After doing literally nothing except knitting, watching television, and sleeping for a year, I had a wake up call. When I was getting ready for my annual trip to Florida, my bathing suits wouldn’t fit me. I had to buy new ones. And new shorts and t-shirts. So, when I got home, I got serious about taking care of me. I am now eating healthier, exercising, taking care of my mental health, and doing AlAnon.

The following is from One Day At A Time (or ODAT):

Today’s reminder: Beginning today, right this minute, I will be good to myself. I will not allow myself to drown in the whirlpool of distressed thinking about alcoholism and its results. Confidence and hope will immunize me.

Now from Paths to Recovery:

In the group we meet people who are like us who are coping with many of the same problems and finding creative solutions we had not considered or attitudes that make the similar situations in their lives more tolerable.

And now I am off to the gym to go to a swimming class to burn some calories!


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